Suorin Reno




Suorin presents the Suorin Reno, a comfortable and slim device that adds to the portable device line up. The Suorin Reno pod system features 1.0 ohm mesh coils designed for freebase or salt nicotine e-liquids. A large 800mAh battery capacity, and a quick charge USB Type-C charging port. This device remains simplistic with the use of a draw activated firing system.

The Suorin Reno measures in at 87mm by 31mm by 11mm, and is composed of lightweight aluminum. A sleek and minimalistic design covers this device as the on and off switch has been removed completely, however, on the side of the Suorin Reno is a transparent piece which integrates a multi colored LED light. The LED light will correspond with the remaining battery life with three various light colors; At maximum charge to 70%, there will be a green LED, from 70% to 30%, there will be a blue LED, and from 30% to 0%, there will be a red LED. Draining the Reno’s battery will be tough since the battery capacity has been upgraded to a 800mAh integrated battery. Another great addition to this device is the utilization of USB Type-C; With this style of USB port, the Suorin Reno can be fully charged within 45 minutes.

Moving forward, the Suorin Reno pod does not protrude completely out of the device. This system allows the Suorin Reno to look sleek and flush with the pod installed. Juice enters through a black silicone tab located on the bottom of the pod with a maximum juice capacity of 3ml, and a magnetic connection at the base. An added feature on the pod is the Oil-Baffle Design, this design prevents juice from leaking. Due to the integration of mesh, a 1.0 ohm mesh coil head is available. This mesh is meant for both freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. Each coil is friction fit into the replacement pod.

Product Specifications

  • All in One System
    • Draw Activated Firing
    • 13W Maximum Output
    • 3.3 to 4.2V Working Voltage
    • Aluminum Construction
  • Refillable Suorin Reno Replacement Pod
    • 3ml Capacity
    • Oil-Baffle Design
    • Silicone Stopper
    • Proprietary Connection
  • Reno Replacement Coils
    • 1.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance
    • Single Mesh Coil
    • 13W Max Wattage
    • Friction Fit Connection
  • Plug and Play Connection
    • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
    • Pod Acts as Tip
  • 800 mAh Built In Battery
    • LED Battery Life Indicator
      • Multi Color
        • Green LED
          • 70% or higher
        • Blue LED
          • 70% to 30%
        • Red LED
          • 30% to 0%
    • USB Type-C Charging Port
      • 45min Charge Time

Product Includes

  • One Sourin Reno Device
  • One Sourin Reno Replacement Pod
  • Two Suorin Reno 1.0 ohm Mesh Coils
  • One Warning Card
  • One User Manual
  • One USB Type-C Charging Cable