Hawaiian Pog Salt




This world-famous flavor from Naked 100 is now available in a salt nicotine juice!Now those with a refillable pod device can now indulge in this fruity vape juice fusion! You will be pleased as juicy passion fruit, ripe oranges, and tasty guava flood into you palate intoxicating your taste buds with its intense flavor. Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 Salt truly has earned the right for an all-day-vape flavor.

NKD 100 arrives in a 30ml bottle you can choose from a 35mg and 50mg nicotine level. These nicotine salts are not made for Sub-Ohm devices and must be used only by refillable pod systems. NKD 100 offers nine different flavors with our pick 3 bundle; you can try all nine at a rock bottom price you won’t find anywhere else!

On the inhale of NKD 100 Hawaiian POG salt vape juice, that juicy orange e-juice flavor will dance across your taste buds as that savory passion fruit flavor smothers it with its intense taste. The exhale is sure to delight with that authentic guava e-juice flavor! The flavor is genuinely refreshing and perfect for a warm summers day! Hawaiian Pog by NKD 100 won’t only settle your nicotine urges but also will kick those exotic fruity cravings all day long!

Hawaiian Pog by NKD 100 Salt is one of the most popular flavors on the current market, and you can find out why for yourself today! Don’t hesitate and miss out on our fantastic deals and extensive collections! Indulge in Hawaiian Pog today!