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Apple Jam by Jam Monster Vape Juice delivers intoxicating breakfast flavor to get you up and going for the day. A freshly made sweet apple jam that has been spread onto a warm buttered toast. This e-juice is dripping with apple jelly and has been smothered with creamy butter and over a slice of crisp toast that is fresh out of the toaster.

We all have busy mornings and we all just want to stay in bed than go to work. Getting out of bed 5 minutes before your schedule doesn’t leave much time to have the most important meal of the day. For you morning birds out there as well, that same flavor you love every early day can be enjoyed all day long with Jam Monster. Jam Monster is a well-known brand that has created the perfect solution to missing out on breakfast. These toast flavored e-juices taste truly authentic and have been covered in a thick layer of your favorite jam.

On the inhale a sweet rush of that thick jam will smother your pallet. Your taste buds will be delighted with this authentic apple vape juice flavor. Apple jam has a sweet and arousing taste, and just like the original, this e-liquid provides a genuine recreation of grandmas home-made jam. On the exhale a smooth buttery piece of warm toast will tie this flavor together. This may be a morning treat but it sure does make a perfect all-day-vape flavor.

Apple by Jam Monster will have your taste buds begging for more with its satisfying taste. Don’t miss out on your favorite breakfast treat, indulge in it all day long now with Jam Monster. Breakfast lovers can all agree that Jam Monster has provided one of the most delightful blends, and if you love that apple jam every morning, Apple by Jam Monster is just for you!