Amazing Mango




Indulge on Naked 100 premium fruit smoothie flavor Mango (formerly Amazing Mango), refreshing mango and peaches a perfect exotic fruit blend. Naked 100 Eliquid Mango is a perfect blend of a juicy fresh mango ripe from the tree, infused with hints of succulent peaches and Naked 100’s signature rich cream. The unique ripe mango and succulent peaches combination of Naked 100 Mango will become a favorite in your ejuice rotation.

On the inhale Naked 100 Mango vape juice, your tongue will be stricken by mango cream flavor. On the exhale, subtle peaches, mango, and rich cream to provide a flavor combination that hits every spot on the palate.

Mango by Naked vape juice comes in a 60ml Chubby Bottle and is available in four nicotine strengths. It has a 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and a 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base, giving you the ability to exhale dense vape clouds with a solid throat hit.