Strawberry Lemon

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Strawberry Lemon by Cloud NURDZ meets the expectations you’d have when picturing the fusion between strawberry and lemon together. Sweet and sour liquified just for you and your taste buds. The mixers in the Cloud NURDZ lab made sure that this toothsome vape juice is as accurate as can be to its flavor profile. Including the potency of the flavors and the scent.

Spoil your taste buds with the light showers of a bittersweet strawberry and lemon duo. The delectable taste of strawberry coating your tongue drenching it in utter sweetness on the inhale. The tiny strings of sour lemon fusing itself to the strawberry on the exhale giving you a combination of citrus and berries smacked right onto your tongue.

Strawberry is hands down one of the best flavors on the planet, it’s practically a legend in the fruit kingdom. But strawberry and lemon, now that sounds too irresistible. I guess it is true when they say that opposites attract.

1 review for Strawberry Lemon

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