Grape Strawberry




Strawberry Grape by Cloud NURDZ is a mixture of candied strawberry and grape extract targeting those who love fruity candy flavors. Cloud NURDZ have specialized in creating the most potent of flavors and getting only the best quality out of each juice they’ve crafted. Strawberry Grape in specific has been made for those who are growing weary of endless searches for fruity candy flavor that you cannot go blind to and that actually tastes divine.

Close your eyes and just imagine the sweet savory gush of the strawberry and grape candy blend hugging your tongue as you inhale smothering each taste until they’ve reached nirvana. As you exhale it’ll leave a pleasant lingering taste and scent marking it’s spot on the top of your list.

Strawberry Grape by Cloud NURDZ is not your typical fruity candy vape juice. This candied bonanza will have you feeling like you just had a handful of fruit flavored rock candy soaking your entire mouth cavity free.


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