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Do you crave breakfast all day long? Your fix is here! Raspberry E-Juice by Jam Monster will beat all of your breakfast cravings. With its authentic taste and flavor, nothing can compare! The sweet flavor of ripe raspberries with the complemented tasted of butter makes you believe you just took a bite of toast. You can also bundle it with all of your favorite Jam Monster ejuice flavors.

Breakfast advocates around the world are breaking necks to get to this tangy-sweet combo vape juice. The simulating e-liquid will become the one juice you will never be able to put down. Rich raspberries and creamy butter freshly put onto the toast will send your taste buds into a frenzy. Nothing will make your mouth water in longing like this juice. Bringing toast to the table, Jam Monster has opened an entirely new door into the breakfast vape juices.

On the inhale of Jam Monster Raspberry vape juice your taste bud will awaken with the taste freshly harvested raspberries. A smooth, creamy butter flavor combines with the raspberry flavor. All of these flavors will tango across your taste buds and blow your mind. On the exhale all of the flavors come together with a toast base to create the most succulent flavor as it recreates the thought of biting into a piece of toast.

Raspberry Jam by Jam Monster grants the ability to eat a piece of fresh toast with raspberry jam on it no matter the time of day nor how far you are from a toaster.

Drip on the go and don’t miss on your chance to save on Raspberry Jam today!


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