Green Blast

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Indulge on Melon Kiwi Naked 100 ejuice premium fruit smoothie flavor (formerly known as Green Blast) is the handcrafted natural fruity vape of the islands. The perfectly crafted vape juice composed of a trio of expertly blended sweet honeydew and the refreshing tart of Granny Smith Apples and bits of Kiwi. Naked 100 ejuice Green Blast balanced trio flavors is the all-day vape that will make your mouth water.

On the inhale Naked 100 Melon Kiwi by Naked 100 vape juice, bursts of crisp, ripe green apples and sweet honeydew melon immediately take hold of your taste buds. When you exhale, kiwi rich cream floods the palate with intense tart sweetness.

Melon Kiwi Naked 100 arrives in a 60ml Chubby Bottle. Its 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base is excellent for blowing big and thick vape clouds that vapers love.

Refresh your palate with Naked 100 Apple, one of many favorites from Naked 100’s fruit collection. With a complex flavor combination of green apple kiwi, honeydew and rich cream flavors, Apple by Naked vape juice is what you’ve been craving on a hot summer day.

1 review for Green Blast

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