Go Nanas

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Naked 100 Eliquid Banana (Formally known as Go Nanas) 60ml is one of the popular flavors from Naked 100’s cream line. Indulge on Naked 100 ejuice premium creamy fruit smoothie flavor Banana. Perfect for any fruit flavor vape enthusiast who enjoys a dense and creamy twist thrown into the mix.

Naked 100 Banana is crafted to precisely recreate an ultra creamy base topped with fresh banana slices and a smooth rich cream blend. Providing a savory and satisfying experience, your sweet tooth and your taste buds will thank you with every puff you take.

While you inhale Naked 100 Banana the sweet slices of perfectly ripe banana will tantalize your taste buds like nothing else. A full-bodied and rich flavor will flood your palate and send your taste receptors to euphoria.  When you exhale, gloriously rich and dense cream will perfectly tie this flavor together giving you a well rounded vaping sensation.

Once you try this flavor you’ll be dripping Naked Banana to the last drop. Naked 100 ejuice creates an intoxicating strong banana flavored inhale. While you exhale the profile is balanced out with Naked 100’s signature cream blend.

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