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Watermelon and apple are two of the most popular fruits around. So, what do you get when you combine these fruits with candy flavor? The result is the amazing Watermelon Apple ejuice by Cloud Nurdz.

Watermelon Apple is a captivating eliquid that will stimulate your palate and bring back memories of your childhood. This vape juice tastes like those watermelon and apple rock candies you used to enjoy as a child. The taste is delightful. You can tell that this eliquid is made with top-shelf ingredients because it does not taste artificial in any way. When vaping Watermelon Apple, you get the crisp, sweet taste of apple candy on the inhale. The watermelon candy flavor takes over on the exhale. This Cloud Nurdz eliquid has the perfect level of sweetness. Unlike other vape juice flavors in this series, it is not sour. Every puff will awaken your palate to a world of candy goodness. The vape juice is quite impressive. It delivers the same authentic flavor with every puff. The flavor doesn’t get overwhelming even when you chain vape on it.

3 reviews for Clous Nurdz

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