Brain Freeze

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Brain Freeze

Adding to their successful line of fruity, menthol flavors comes the Naked Brain Freeze E-Juice by the one and only Naked 100. This unique vape juice offers a refreshing combination of ripe Strawberries and crisp, tart Kiwi notes that lend their fruity nature to provide a fruit-filled flavor extravaganza. To make this juicy, mouthwatering e-liquid stand out over your everyday fruit flavor, Naked 100 threw in some Ruby Red Pomegranates served chilled to promote an epic margarita flavor that offers a cooler than ice exhale. The Pomegranate acts as the heart and soul lying behind the Strawberry and Kiwi taste, giving this Naked Brain Freeze a complete, well balanced flavor that fills your senses with the ultimate satisfaction.

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  1. Charleslib

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